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Saigi Rubió, Francesc

Researcher Francesc Saigí's R&I work focuses, firstly, on analysing the technological and non-technological determinants of ICT use by health professionals; secondly, on the definition, implementation and assessment of new e-health and m-health services; and, thirdly, on the analysis of the effects of e-health and m-health on the state of health of health systems' users and patients. At the same time, since starting his "professional life" at the UOC, he has been involved in innovating in the area of training in health and the use of social media for the exchange of health knowledge.

He is founder and scientific advisor of CICUT (Latin American University Collaboration in Telemedicine Cluster,, and principal investigator with the CYTED - RITMOS (Latin American Mobile Technologies in Health Network, ref. 515RT0498 (

Since April 2018, he has been director of the new WHO collaborating centre for eHealth  World Health Organization


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