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Roig Sanz, Diana

Recipient of an ERC Starting Grant and Ramón y Cajal fellow, Diana RoigSanz is an expert in global literature and cultural transfer, sociology of translation and the use of digital methods applied to historical objects. She is one of the very few Catalan and Hispanic scholars (in Catalonia, Spain and Latin America) currently combining macro- and micro-historical analysis with KDD (knowledge discovery in databases) and big data approaches.

Data mining and big data approaches are changing the ways in which we create knowledge, access information and preserve our cultural heritage. Today, one of the greatest challenges for a decentred and non-Eurocentric global cultural history is to engage in larger accounts of cultural processes (both geographically and temporally). RoigSanz’s research builds upon these key themes in global studies, and the cutting-edge digital humanities it applies allowher to adopt a new scholarly approach based on the following starting points:

1) A decentred and empirical approach to global cultural history.

2) A big data-based turning point in the humanities.

3) Cross-disciplinary methodology.

4) Collaborative, open and international science. 

In that respect, she has challenged and revised former scholarly interpretations and developed new original approaches.  

R&D Activity