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Redolar Ripoll, Diego

Researcher Diego Redolar Ripoll has extensive research experience in the field of neurosciences, specifically in the study of cognitive functions using invasive and non-invasive stimulation techniques on the nervous system in animal and human subjects. His RDI work has focused on the study of the neural bases of cognitive control, learning and memory, and their modulation and enhancement through neural systems of reinforcement, as well as on the study of recovery from cognitive deficits.

Currently, his research is mainly interested in modulating brain activity using non-invasive brain stimulation techniques to study the neural bases of different cognitive processes such as executive function and memory tasks in humans.

He is a member of the Cognitive NeuroLab R&I group (2017 SGR 273) and is principal investigator for two of the RDI projects (PSI2012-36610 and PSI2016-80056-P) of the Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness' National Plan.

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