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Herrera Altamirano, Elisa

Elisa Herrera’s current research project is entitled "Running matters: transformations and post-human corporeality. An ethnographic approach to popular running in Barcelona", which is part of her three-year UOC postdoctoral grant. It aims to explore ways of configuring more-than-human corporalities in the contemporary era through urban running, taking into consideration the intersection of such variables as everyday life, mobility, urban spaces and digital technologies. She uses ethnographic research to conduct field work and reflect on the political geographies of sport and active life to study how human bodies constantly relate and configure with non-human bodies through movement, giving rise to everyday dynamics and spaces that are part of our subjectivity, at all times mediated by power relations (gender, class, ethnicity, age, education, etc). One of the main interests is in tracking micropolitical actions that enable alternative visions of affirmative power in everyday life. The idea is to generate actions committed to the ethics of pleasure, happiness and enjoyment; to being actively involved with the environment; and to the responsibility that goes with being part of complex, more-than-human, ecologies.

R&D Activity