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Cerrillo Martínez, Agustí

Agustí Cerrillo's R&I activity focuses on the study of the legal system concerning e-government and the use of electronic media in administrative transparency and the dissemination and reuse of public sector information.

He has researched and published articles and monographs on digital administration, public transparency and the dissemination and reuse of information via the internet, the use of artificial intelligence in public administrations, public governance and public integrity and the prevention of corruption. 

He is the principal investigator of the project "Legal challenges in the use of big data to foster innovation and good government through artificial intelligence", State RDI Programme Oriented towards the Challenges of Society (DER2017-85595-R), and the project "Innovation in rendering public services through personalization and proactive service delivery through the use of big data and artificial intelligence", funded by the Catalan School of Public Administration.

R&D Activity

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