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Cardenal Izquierdo, Ana Sofía

Her teaching activity focuses on comparative politics and the social sciences methodology. In particular, she has been giving a bachelor's degree course in comparative politics for some years at Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) focused on the comparative study of political regimes. At the UOC, she is responsible for a number of methodology and comparative politics courses, mainly for the University Master's Degree in Political Analysis. She has also given doctoral-level courses on research methodology for the social sciences. 

Her research activity in the last ten years has been focused on studying the effects of the digital technologies and media on attitudes, opinion formation and political behaviour. She has published a number of papers on these subjects in international scholarly journals (Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, International Journal of Press/Politics, European Journal of Communication, International Journal of Public Opinion Research...).

R&D Activity

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