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Bretones Peregrina, Eva

The R&D activities of researcher Eva Bretones focus, fundamentally, on two lines of work that intermesh and feed off one another: the training of trainers in the field of intercultural relations and the professionals' dimension as cultural subjects in the educational actions.

On the one hand, she works on the ethnography of educational processes in different empirical fields, which allows for the specification of conditions favourable to the transformation of intercultural relations models. And, on the other, articulating an ethnography of social education professionals that allows for understanding of professional cultures and their role in transmitting culture. The goal is to be able to articulate proposals for the training of trainers in the field of intercultural relations in different educational realities and for different age groups, and also to be able to systematise socio-educational action methodologies on an interdisciplinary basis (anthropology and pedagogy) to promote peaceful coexistence and approximation between people in education contexts.

She is a member of the UOC's LES (Social Education Laboratory) R&D group and of the UAB's MOSSA group (Educational Processes Ethnography and Education-Applied Anthropology Research Group) recognised under number 1519 (resolution of the Research Committee 5/2006, of 2 March, Official UAB Journal no. 28). Together with three other research groups, MOSSA forms part of the UAB's GRAFO (Fundamental and Oriented Anthropology) "Consolidated Research Group", accredited by the government of Catalonia, the Generalitat de Catalunya (SGR2009-0053).

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