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Uribe Gil, Jorge Mario

The Finance, Macroeconomics and Management (FM2) research group studies financial decisions made by firms, and the leading questions regarding financial market policy for governments and regulators. It pays special attention to the way in which macroeconomic risks and policy actions interact with the firm-level decision process. The group employs a range of different qualitative and quantitative methods in conducting its research.

The group also studies the way in which financial markets affect the economic performance of national economies and the optimal ways for managing financial risks to reduce their negative impact on these economies.

Its main lines of research are:

  • asset pricing
  • capital structure
  • quantitative risk management (focusing on market and liquidity risk) for firms, financial investors and financial institutions
  • monetary policy and macroeconomic risk
  • traditional and non-traditional energy markets
  • actuarial and insurance risk
  • applications of data science and artificial intelligence to finance
  • international finance and global financial markets


R+D+I Activity