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Suau Sánchez, Pere

The main research objective of the Sustainability, Management and Transport (SUMAT) group is to analyse the intersection between company management and sustainability, especially in the field of transport and logistics.

From the sustainability viewpoint, the objective is to understand which aspects enable companies to be sustainable and find the key sustainability-generating aspects from an environmental, economic and social viewpoint. From the management viewpoint, the objective is to analyse the strategic, resource (financial, technological and human) and ethical aspects of executive decisions that enable organizations to operate successfully. The intersection between management and sustainability is completed with a third intersection with the group's specific areas of applied knowledge, which include, among others, responsible management, finance and risk management, transport, logistics and aviation.

The group's strength is that it is multidisciplinary, fruit of the fusion of its members' different disciplines: engineering, geography, law and management. Furthermore, the research's focus is eminently practical, as several group members have extensive experience in private enterprise, public sector companies and independent consulting.

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