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Open Evidence
Open Evidence is aimed at the public and private sector at international level. Its clients include agencies such as the European Commission, non profit-making institutions, such as the Fundació Jaume Bofill, and public institutions, such as the Department of Development and Economic Cohesion (Ministry of Public Works, Italy).

Open Evidence professionals are lecturers, researchers and tutors with over twenty years' experience in applied research and consultancy.

The differentiating features of their work are:
*METHODOLOGIES AND DESIGNS PRESENTED AND SHARED AS OPEN: the research design and methodologies applied by the company are always transparent, verifiable and shared openly with their customers and the community of researchers and professionals through consultation and validation processes.
*OPEN BLACK BOXES: Open Evidence opens the "black boxes" of complex empirical models and sophisticated econometry and statistics techniques to ensure that the results of its data analysis and modelization simulations are easy to use and understand.
*OPEN TO INNOVATION AND THE COMMITMENT OF INTERESTED PARTIES: the focus is never technocratic or vertical, but seeks to include perspectives and knowledge from all interested parties through consultation processes and open and online collaborative commitment.

Projects in the following fields are of particular interest:

  • Study on online gambling and adequate measures to protect the consumers of these services.
  • Assessing vehicle labelling options regarding CO2 and consumer information.
  • Study on tobacco labelling and packaging.
  • Study on the impact of marketing on social media, online gambling and mobile applications on children's behaviour.


  • Roll-out of eHealth benchmarking among primary healthcare doctors.
  • Integrated care in European regions.
  • Study on innovation and cost-effectiveness indicators in eHealth.


  • Open Innovation - Fundació Jaume Bofill.
  • Specialist support for assessment of the Kublai Initiative.


  • European data market.
  • Study on the use of social technologies in small- and medium-sized companies.


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