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The UOC's augmented and virtual reality lab present at ACCIÓ's investment forum

The most important meeting on the Government of Catalonia's funding for entrepreneurship

The Government of Catalonia's Agency for Business Competitiveness (ACCIÓ) organized its 22nd Fòrum d'Inversió(Investment Forum) in Barcelona on 6 July. The meeting was attended by over 500 people, who saw 21 entrepreneurship projects selected to be presented from over 100 candidates. The last seven editions of the forum have seen more than 161 million euros raised.

The event also involved the out-of-competition presentation of the Augmented and Virtual Reality Lab (ARlab) by Luis Villarejo, a specialist in the UOC's Technology department, as a leading project in the field of ICTs. This UOC technology transfer project is funded by ACCIÓ and aims to study the viability of creating a company based on technology and knowledge.

The AXA auditorium in Barcelona hosted the event. It involved more than 400 face-to-face meetings and there were 24 investors on the panel to select the winner of the Fòrum d'Inversió Award for the project with the greatest potential for innovation and internationalization. This year's event also saw investors coming from the UK.


With ARlab, the UOC has specialized in the creation of augmented and virtual reality experiences for the fields of culture, education, tourism and advertising. ARlab contributes to the development of this technology by providing institutions and companies with new applications and improvements. Barcelona's CosmoCaixa museum or Solvia are some of the organizations that have been able to benefit from its services.