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Megías Jiménez, David

Many new services have appeared in the present information society, from movement localization technologies to electronic financial transactions. This has led to the creation of new technologies to improve users' security, although in many cases they are more useful for protecting companies than for their customers' security.

The KISON group's research line is focused on the compatibility of decentralized network security (ad hoc and peer-to-peer [P2P] networks) and the protection of the intellectual property of digital contents on Internet with users' right to privacy:

  1. Security and privacy on open networks. This research line addresses the deployment of better mechanisms for enhancing security and privacy in different areas, such as the peer-to-peer networks, the ad hoc networks, the sensor and RFID networks, the online social networks, the vehicular networks, the Internet of Things (IoT) and others.
  2. Security and privacy of multimedia content. This research line consists of designing suitable techniques for protecting the information that circulates on open networks, particularly multimedia content, and also the privacy of this content's users, by means of steganography and watermarks (among other techniques).

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