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Inicio: 15/12/2003
Fin: 14/12/2005
Language, learning and linguistic diversity 2003
The project will use a telematic-based system to develop a virtual community of the stakeholders associated with minority language groups within the EU. They will be able both to share and to access information about potential EU mainstream funding sources which will enable them to implement strategies aimed at sustaining Europe's linguistic and cultural diversity. The system will link to various databases, set up discussion and networking spaces and an associated support environment allowing the users to operate as a virtual community using shared resources. Together they provide the means whereby partnerships can be brokered and the initial steps in project development undertaken. The project will link with already existing face-to-face fora (conferences, seminars, etc.) so that the information function and the associated networking space can be elaborated and extended into meaningful communities of practitioners which will develop and implement the associated projects. The project will require the active cooperation of several regional information and development agencies, and frequent updating of news about EU programmes and relevant calls for proposals. It will build on the framework developed, and the experience gathered, by project leaders in European projects and reports (Euromosaic, Atlantis, Europa Diversa, European Parliament working papers, the SMiLE report?).