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The CARE RESPITE system is comprised of a camera linked to alert software that uses artificial vision to identify dangerous situations for dependent people and alert the carers so they can respond.

It is a system that is easy to install and configure: you simply place the camera in the most appropriate position, select the alert options on the mobile device and the system is ready for use.

CARE RESPITE allows the reason for the incident to be viewed and checked and for the carers to communicate with the dependent person using the directional voice option.

Care Respite is a system designed for the healthcare sector in both the private and the public sphere.

CARE RESPITE offers carers of dependent people an improvement in allocating their time, as they can do other tasks with the peace of mind of being able to check on the status of the dependent person any time. They will also know that they will get an alert should any dangerous situation arise. CARE RESPITE enables this time optimization, ensuring that the dependent person will be cared for constantly. 

It is also a system that is adaptable to any mobile device with the option of sending alerts to various receiver devices. 

Finally, it is a non-invasive system that preserves the privacy of dependent people and the people accompanying them.


CARE RESPITE is protected by a European patent application entitled “A computer-implemented method and a system for remotely monitoring a user, and a computer program product implementing the method” with priority date  31 July 2014.

This monitoring system is ideal for day centres, old people's homes, hospitals and, especially, for private use by carers of dependent people.