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Vilajosana Guillén, Xavier

The R&D activities of researcher Xavier Vilajosana Guillen focus on the study of large-scale distributed systems such as sensor networks, M2M mechanisms and the Internet of Things. He is a member of different standards committees, such as the IEEE and the IETF, where he takes part in the development of standards for low power wireless networks. He is also a specialist in the MAC layer, where he has developed a number of TDMA and FDMA protocols. Additionally, he has developed link layer services such as distributed planners and other label switch approaches for very low power networks and those with strong computational restraints. Xavier is also a founder member of the University of California, Berkeley's OpenWSN. OpenWSN is an open code project that promulgates the use of standards to achieve multi-hop, energy-efficient wireless networks.

His main research interests are the development of low power protocols, with the emphasis on standardisation. Amongst others, within the framework of the OpenWSN project, he has implemented the 6LowPan, RPL, RSVP and GMPLS standards. He also specialises in systems scaling, distribution, replication and fault tolerance mechanisms, where he ha participated in a number of transfer projects which have implemented data warehousing technologies based on key/value pairs.

He is a member of the UOC's DPCS (Distributed, Parallel and Collaborative Systems) R&D group, a member of the IEEE and Visiting Professor at the University of California, Berkeley.

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