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Viñas Bardolet, Clara

The R&D activities of researcher Clara Viñas Bardolet focus on the cross-cutting analysis of the determinants and results of the uses of ICT and information, communication and knowledge flows on people and organisations.

Stemming from the establishment of ICT as commonly-used technologies and their symbiotic relationship with information flows, the goal is to develop a cross-cutting analysis (from the perspectives of both material and formal objects) of some aspects –as yet little researched in our immediate environment– of the building of the knowledge economy and society.
Although there is already a body of research experience from different disciplinary fields that have worked with this analytical focus, there are still few research teams that have undertaken this multidisciplinary analysis of some of the sets of determinants and repercussions of the arrival of ICT, and of the co-innovation processes linked thereto, has caused in personal, economic and social spheres. The intention is thus to provide an analysis that is both systemic but at the same time specific, dynamic and relational, of:

a) the complementarities that explain the uses of ICT and information, communication and knowledge flows by people and organisations, and

b) the set of determinants (both technological and non-technological) that explain the outcomes of the personal and organisational uses of ICT and information, communication and knowledge flows.

She is a member of the UOC's i2TIC (Interdisciplinary ICT Research) Research Group.

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