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Ruiz Mallen, Isabel

Researcher Isabel Ruiz Mallen's R&I work focuses on contributing to the understanding of socio-environmental urban transformations through the study of knowledge and human behaviour in the area of sustainability, analysing how different actors inform themselves, perceive, share and construct learning, and how they interact with their environment to respond to socio-environmental changes. 

Through the Horizon 2020 project that she coordinates from within TURBA Lab, PERFORM, her current work also focuses on exploring innovative arts-based participative methodologies as a way of raising young people's interest in science and thus contributing to a knowledge-based society.

Her main research interests are participative learning processes in the area of education and environmental communication and community conservation, co-creation in the area of urban sustainability and resilience, and inclusive science education and communication through innovative and participative methodologies. 

She is a member of the TURBA Lab (Urban Transformation and Global Change Laboratory) research group at the UOC. Since 2017, she has been a Ramón i Cajal researcher.

R&D Activity