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Rodríguez Ardura, Inma

Dr Rodríguez-Ardura’s research activities lie in the fields of digital marketing, connected consumer experience, and marketing for e-learning. She has performed a number of research projects, funded by European and international agencies. Her papers have appeared in numerous impact journals, and she has further authored scores of books in marketing and e-commerce.

Inma Rodríguez-Ardura is a Professor of Digital Marketing and the Director of the Digital Business Research Group at the UOC – which is officially accredited as a 'Consolidated Research Group’ (2017-SGR-368). She has been a part-time lecturer at the Miami Herbert Business School, Visiting Fellow at the University of Oxford and Visiting Professor at Babson College, Boston. She is currently Co-Editor of the Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research, and Associate Editor of Behaviour & Information Technology. She also sits on the International Evaluation Panel in Management Research of the Foundation for Science and Technology (Portuguese Ministry of Science). At the UOC, she has served as Director of the Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Marketing and Market Research, Academic Director of the Master’s Programme in Marketing Management, and Director of the Doctoral Programme in the Information and Knowledge Society.

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