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Ribera Fumaz, Ramon

Ramon is the Group Leader of the Urban Transformation and Global Change Laboratory (TURBA) at the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute since 2016. He obtained a MA in Economy, Society and Space and a PhD in Geography, both from The University of Manchester. After a couple of years at the Institute for Advanced Studies of Lancaster University, he joined UOC in 2007 as an associate professor at UOC’s Faculty of Economics and Business and later into the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute. 

His research explores the urban geographies of digital capitalism from an interdisciplinary perspective, paying attention to the spatial, technological, and environmental dimensions of economic development. His current interests are on the political economy and ecology of the material geographies of digital urbanism and their role in shaping economic development; the relation between the innovation turn in urban governance and sustainability; and the urban policy mobilities of innovation-based and digitally-lead urban models.

R&D Activity