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Raffaghelli, Juliana Elisa

Juliana Raffaghelli has been working in research and teaching in the field of educational technologies for the last 15 years. 

Initially, she was interested ineducational internationalization processes and professional teacher development through online education. She wanted to understand how relationships in the "third virtual space" could have an impact in local contexts, particularly within learning communities involving people from diversified "cultures". Her main aim was to study the processes of interculturaldiscursive negotiation in the virtual context. In this sense, she has worked on international projects on teacher trainingin Latin America, the Balkans, Turkey and Europe, where she followed the dynamics of learning through international mobility processes as well as theinteractions between teachers from different cultural backgrounds within the digital environment.

More recently,she has switched her focus to the processes of openness in science and education in the globalized context, working not only with teachers’ education, but also (and mainly) with faculty development in the context of higher education’s modernization. In this area, she is specifically focused on awareness and use of open data, looking at critical data literacy as a springboard for active and equitable participation in the digital society. 

Sheis always seeking to answer two questions: What role do technologies play in the mediation of complex educational processes in diversified educational cultures?, What skills are needed to participate actively and critically in the new digital contexts?



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