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Prieto Blázquez, Josep

The R&D activities of researcher Josep Prieto Blázquez focus on the field of information security and privacy, with special emphasis on open networks. By open networks, we mean all those going beyond standard, centralised paradigms and that are open in nature, from a decentralised viewpoint.

His operational security line of research aims to provide a response to the problems that have appeared in the new networks made up of heterogeneous devices.

These networks are largely used to exchange multimedia content, and it is logical that the development of security in these networks be aimed at suitable techniques for protecting the multimedia information circulating on them.

In addition to network security itself, he also focuses his research on information tagging techniques that permit the offering of certain security and privacy properties.

He is a member of the UOC's KISON (K-riptography and Information Security for Open Networks) R&D group.

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