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Pie Balaguer, Asunción

The R&D activities of researcher Asun Pié Balaguer are focused, fundamentally, on the following areas: Disability studies: research into the social construction of disability. Studies on new forms of social inclusion of disability. This would include her works Deconstructing dependence: proposals for an independent life (2012) and Pedagoqueer: educational resistance and subversion (2011), amongst others. Research into dependency-related political participation. This embraces work such as Expertise, democracy and social mobilisation: political action by groups concerned with the promotion of independent lifestyles in Spain(2012-2014) and the research project Techno-scientific disputes and public participation in dependency policies (2009-2011), CSO208-06308-C02-02. Her work Militancy and functional diversity (2012), amongst others, forms part of this area. She is a member of the UOC's Care and Preparedness in the Network Society (CARENET) R&D group.

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