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Pastor Collado, Joan Antoni

The R&D activities of researcher Joan Antoni Pastor Collado focus on understanding and providing solutions to the main professional problems in the fields of the strategic management, administration and engineering of information-intensive systems and services in public and private organisations.

He is a member of the UOC's ICCS (Information and Communication Systems and Services). There, he has carried out intense collective work and publishing activities on business information systems (ERP, CRM, SCM, EAI) and on the services associated with them (acquisition, implementation and evolution). More recently, it has worked and published on the outsourcing of IT services, systems and technologies by public administrations, as well as on higher-level training in written communication skills for ICT professionals.

It also specifically works on the most appropriate research methods for investigating the group's research problems (case studies, action-research, grounded theory, design science research, PLS) and their combination, placing special emphasis on considering these methods in the provision of ICT services and in the design and innovative curricular deployment of new ICT undergraduate and postgraduate studies and in other higher education levels.

Whenever possible, he is also interested in the formalisation of its research domains through the use of qualitative conceptual analysis, conceptual modelling and similar tools.

By integrating different previous lines of research, the aim is to propose methodological solutions that are academically solid and designed for practical professional use and that permit the alleviation of the aforementioned problems, preferably in partnership with industry and the public administrations, and always open to working with colleagues from other universities.

He is lead researcher of the UOC's ICSS (Information and Communication Systems and Services) R&D group.

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