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Motellón Corral, Elisabet

Holder of a doctoral degree in Business Studies, with specialization in Techniques and Analysis in the Company, from the University of Barcelona (2008, excellent cum laude). She obtained her Advanced Studies diploma (2005), her degree in Labour Sciences (2003, special award) and her degree in Labour Relations (1997) at the same university.

Associate professor at the UOC's Faculty of Economics and Business since February 2008, where she performs teaching tasks in the field of labour economics and quantitative methods. She has been director of the Bachelor's Degree in Labour Relations and Employment since September 2014. She is also adjunct professor at the University of Barcelona.

The research carried out by Elisabet Motellón Corral is focused upon the empirical analysis of labour economics, combined with elements of regional economics. She is a member of the University of Barcelona's AQR-IREA (Análisis Cuantitativo Regional y Insituto de Investigación de Economía Aplicada, Regional Quantitative Analysis and Institute of Applied Economics Research) research group.

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