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Mor Pera, Enric

The research activities of Enric Mor Pera focus on knowledge engineering and human-computer interaction, and their application in technology-enhanced learning.

Knowledge engineering focuses on the development of models for improving the functionality of tools and applications in interactive environments. Standards and specifications are key factors in achieving interoperability between the tools and applications developed. With regard to Human-Computer Interaction, research concentrates on the design, development and evaluation of tools, from a user-focused design perspective, with the goal of improving the user experience of technological systems and their accessibility for all people.

His main lines of work include the use of knowledge representation techniques to formalise and discuss interactive systems, techniques that permit the capture and analysis of the interaction between users and interactive systems and their application in the context of technology-enhanced learning. For example, their application permits the design, development and evaluation of e-assessment systems, of the search and storage of learning or social annotation objects.

R&D Activity