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Masip Rodo, David

The R&D activities of researcher David Masip Rodó focus on the study of computer vision algorithms dedicated to the analysis of human behaviour, facial perception and object and scene recognition.

His main research interests involve statistical learning models applied to computer vision. He also specializes in learning models based on deep learning and neural networks.

The main applications of the pattern recognition that she is working on are geared toward:

  • Recognition of emotions through facial expression.
  • the applications of deep learning in medical imaging (retinal imaging and FMRI).
  • Automated animal behaviour monitoring applications in the fields of neuroscience and marine animals. 
  • The use of artificial intelligence techniques in operational search problem optimization, especially in the application of machine learning models in vehicle routing problems.

He is lead researcher of the UOC's SUNAI (Scene Understanding and Artificial Intelligence Lab) R&D group.

R&D Activity

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