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March Corbella, Hug

Associate professor at the Faculty of Economics and Business, and member of the UOC Internet Interdisciplinary Institute's (IN3) Urban Transformation and Global Change Laboratory (TURBA Lab, 2017 SGR 1351) research group. Holder of a degree in Environmental Sciences (UAB, 2005) and a doctoral degree in Environmental Sciences (UAB, 2010).

His academic contributions focus on the fields of urban studies, geography and urban political ecology and basically seek to understand the different processes (technological, sociodemographic, political-economic) that influence urban socio-environmental governance.

Researcher Hug March Corbella's R&I work focuses on analysing new paradigms of urban sustainability (smart city, resilience, urban agriculture, etc), the changes in governance and the political economy of natural resources, with a particular focus on water resources.

His main research interests are urban political ecology, urban water management, circulation of urban sustainability discourses through different geographical scales and their materialization, and the political economics of the water cycle, especially processes to financialize the environment and the emergence of new supply technologies. He also specializes in urban environmental history, more specifically, in the links between urbanization, the water cycle and drought and ecological economics. Besides this, he is also interested in the links between climate change and water resources, public perception and adaptation strategies, especially in tourist areas.

He is a member of the UOC's T.URBA (Urban Transformation in the Knowledge Society) R&D group.

R&D Activity