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Lopez Vidal, Lluc

His teaching focuses on the Bachelor's Degree in International Relations and on the UOC-UNITAR Master's in International Affairs and Diplomacy, especially in the scopes of international relations theory, research methods and the European Union. On all the courses he not only coordinates the teaching staff, but also supervises and updates the resources the students have at their disposal to ensure their educational needs are satisfactorily met. 

Additionally, his research focuses on international relations theory, specifically the role of non-Western theories in East Asia. He is interested in the impact of various narratives regarding the rise of China on the Western theory of international relations. He has also analysed the various cooperation processes in place between the EU and East Asia and how multilateralism is gaining strength in an increasingly apolar world. He has published in various international journals, such as Asian Security, and for internationally renowned academic publishers, such as Tecnos and Springer.