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Guerrero Roldán, Ana Elena

Researcher Ana Elena Guerrero Roldán's work focuses primarily on two lines: 

1) Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL): the analysis, design, development and assessment of e-learning and e-assessment systems, and the analysis and display of the data gathered by these systems, with different aims: assessing the students’ ability to follow along and level of skills acquisition, improving the processes that ensure secure e-assessment, and generating knowledge aimed at students, professors and the university itself. 

2) Authorship and Authentication for e-Assessment: Analysis, design, development and assessment of tools and systems aimed, firstly, at detecting the authorship of learning activities, and, secondly, at verifying the student’s identity in e-learning environments (authorship and authentication in e-assessment processes). 

She also conducts part of her research in the area of human-computer interaction, where her work centres on the design and analysis of the influence and impact of tools and resources used in the learning process.

She is principal investigator in the Technology-Enhanced Knowledge and Interaction Group (TEKING) at the UOC.

R&D Activity