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Gil Seaton, Ayllen

His teaching focuses on three courses: Civil Procedural Law I and II, and Final Bachelor's Degree Project.

Civil Procedural Law I, which is the first course in the subject, offers an overall view of the civil declaratory process and an in-depth analysis of its basic concepts, in addition to proceedings and the various trial phases.

Civil Procedural Law II, which concludes the study of civil procedure, focuses on the specific analysis of execution and interim orders. It also covers voluntary jurisdiction and insolvency proceedings.

The Final Bachelor's Degree Project course consists of a paper on a specific subject of academic interest.

His work includes guiding students and selecting an external tutor with the right profile for their needs. On all these courses, he is responsible for supervising and updating the resources the students have at their disposal to ensure their educational needs are satisfactorily met.

His research activity focuses on the study of procedural law and conflict resolution mechanisms. Specifically, he has centred on arbitration as a conflict resolution mechanism and arbitration in industrial property disputes with a view to offering a perspective on effectively solving such issues. He is also interested in the application of new technologies in the resolution of conflicts through arbitration

R&D Activity