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Garay Tamajón, Lluís Alfons

The R&D activities of researcher Lluís Garay Tamajón are focused on the analysis of the transformation of the tourist industry. These activities began with the drawing up of his doctoral thesis, which provided a historical-economic analysis of tourist development in Catalonia. Thereafter, he has continued to observe the transformation of different tourism products and/or typologies, such as rural and cruise tourism.

Lluis Garay’s research currently focuses on the following areas:

1) Analysis of the motivations and engagement of users in tourism brands' online communities.

2) Analysis of the motivations, implementation and impacts of corporate social responsibility policies in the tourist industry.

3) Study of the resistance movements to capitalism on the tourism platform in urban destinations.


He is currently coordinator of the New Perspectives in Tourism and Leisure (NOUTUR) research group.


R&D Activity

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