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Fabra Abat, Pere

The R&D activities of researcher Pere Fabra Abat focus on the analysis of the legal problems arising from the implementation of digital technology and the Internet in the following fields of law: intellectual property, personal data, privacy, confidentiality, the right to honour, the right to one's own image, consumer and user protection, service provider liability, online conflict resolution and new types of crime, all within the current context of normative globalisation.

This legal discussion and analysis is carried out from an interdisciplinary perspective, which allows for teamwork and cross-cutting enrichment between different departments, but without renouncing the necessary specialisation and in-depth insight required by any legal research.

He has lengthy and recognised experience in the analysis of the legal implications of digital technology, having worked on a coordinated basis within the framework of Law and Political Science studies.

He is a member of the UOC's INTERDRET (Internet Law) R&D group.

R&D Activity

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