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Espasa Roca, Anna

She has been professor at the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences since 2002. Since 2017, she has been director of the University Master's Degree in Educational Psychology. The R&I activity of researcher Anna Espasa focuses on the psychological and educational aspects of teaching and learning processes in online environments.

 Her main research interests lie in identifying and analysing how teachers and students understand teaching and learning. She is particularly interested in the educational aids that contribute to knowledge building, such as, for example, the feedback provided both by the teacher and by fellow students (peer feedback) and its effect on learning. This research subject deals with online environments based on written, asynchronous communication.

She is a researcher at the UOC's Feed2Learn research group (PRE-Consolidated, AGAUR). She has taken part in more than 10 Spanish and European competitive research projects. Apart from her research projects, she has also published a large number of academic papers in leading journals in the areas covered by her research.

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