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Bosque Prous, Marina

Researcher Marina Bosque-Prous' R&I work focuses on the area of drug-dependency and public health, and more specifically on the study of the epidemiology of alcohol and other drugs and the environment's and public policies' influence on the population's consumption and the consequences of this consumption. 

Currently, her main research interests are alcohol in the urban environment and alcohol consumption at different life stages. She collaborates on a project to study the availability, accessibility, visibility of alcohol consumption, promotion and advertising in the urban environment and their relationship with alcohol consumption among adolescents, funded by the Spanish National Plan on Drugs (2016|029). She also works on a project to assess treatment among a cohort of patients with disorders involving alcohol and/or cocaine use and analyse the impact of psychiatric comorbidity, use of services and costs, funded by the Carlos III Health Institute (PI16|01075).

She is the coordinator of the working group on Alcohol of the Spanish Epidemiology Society and member of the Red de Trastornos Adictivos (Addictive Disorders Network).

R&D Activity