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Borge Holthoefer, Javier

Dr Javier Borge-Holthoefer's scientific career is the result of a highly heterogeneous educational and professional path: from a complex systems institute (Zaragoza, 2010-13) to a computational science institute (Qatar, 2014-16), on to attaining the position of principal investigator in the IN3-UOC's own complex systems group. Taking this hybrid experience into account, his main scientific successes are in relation to the integration of different fields into a powerful methodological framework (complex systems), with a special emphasis on social dynamics and, more recently, urban science. 

All of this translates into publications in a wide range of journals, conference papers and books (uni- and multidisciplinary), editorial services for specialist and multidisciplinary journals, active collaborations in different fields (physics, sociology, urban computing, applied mathematics, data science, etc) and participation in and organization of various interdisciplinary events.

He's a member of the UOC's Complex Systems@IN3 (CoSIN3) R&D group.

R&D Activity