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Batalla Busquets, Josep M.

Holder of a degree in Economics and Business Studies and a doctoral degree in Economics, both from the University of Barcelona.

He is currently an associate professor at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya's Faculty of Economics and Business, where he teaches in the field of applied economics. He has coordinated a number of programmes, specifically the diplomatura in Business Studies (2000-2004), the Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Management (2001-2003) and the second cycle of Labour Sciences (2001-2003). He has obtained three teaching premiums.

The R&D activities of researcher Josep M. Batalla focus on the study of the use of e-learning for the training of company employees. This analysis is from a dual viewpoint, that of both worker and company. This permits research into the workers' motivations to train themselves and the perceptions they express of e-learning. Analysis is also performed of the characteristics of the companies investing in improving their human capital, as well as the factors that determine the probability of organisations using e-learning. Study of the use of online training feedback is focused on the use of ICT to perform feedback that is sustainable in classes of more than 70 students. His main research interests are company use of e-learning, workers' training motivations, improving training feedback, analysing service quality in virtual learning environments and the study of virtual workgroups. He also specialises in the economics of education and economic structure. He is lead researcher of the UOC's MeL (Management & eLearning) R&D group.

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