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This patent is aimed at the Information and Communication Technology sector. The types of company in which it could be used are: - Technology providers operating in the audiovisual sector. - Broadcasters.
Possible applications
Media analytics - Audience measurements and broadcasting monitoring. - Measure campaign effectiveness. - Consumer analytics on broadcasting, video on demand or even internet distribution. TV advertising - Connection of TV broadcasts with mobile apps to increase viewer engagement. - Synchronize ads in real time on second screens when a programme or ad is on air. Digital security - Digital rights management (DRM) for video or music on demand. - Another layer of security to detect counterfeiting and piracy. - Authentication and confirmation of genuine content.

New audio watermarking system for advertising and content protection. A robust tool for protecting, synchronizing and monitoring broadcasted content, improving security, customer engagement and analytics.


An audio watermark is a sequence of bits embedded in a streamed audio signal (TV, radio or internet). They are imperceptible to the human senses and are only picked up by devices such as smartphones or tablets. A watermark contains unique identifiers of both the portion of the audio from which the mark was extracted and the distribution source to which the content can be credited.

We have come up with a solution with two innovative aspects: first, the use of the Fourier domain, and second, the use of the time and frequency domains during the embedding.

Our system has the following advantages:

  1. Real-time recovery of embedded watermarks even at distances over 6 metres from the audio transmitter (other state-of-the-art applications can only recover at distances up to 1.5 metres).
  2. High fidelity and robust recovery even under very difficult conditions, overcoming broadcasting distortions and background noise.
  3. Better time synchronization between emitter and receiver, so the hidden content reaches its target at the right time.
  4. High capacity (over 1000 bits per second).
  5. No internet access needed for users to run the system.

Brochure- AudioWatermarking System 



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