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Medina Luque, Francesc Xavier

The Interdisciplinary research group on Food, nutrition, society and health (FoodLab) focuses its interdisciplinary research on the evolution of dietary patterns and their relationship with society and health, thus linking with nutrition, disease prevention and food culture.

The aspects to which particular attention are paid are the following:

  1. Programmes promoting healthy eating and physical activity, particularly the use of eHealth and the ICTs to empower people to change habits to prevent and address chronic diseases, especially overweight. In addition, to provide tools to health professionals for incorporating nutrition and eHealth applications, and to study nutrition applied to sport for both performance and health.
  2. Analysis of dietary transformations from a sociocultural perspective and application of qualitative methodologies.
  3. Scientific communication on diet-nutrition, health and society.

Furthermore, particular attention is paid to the Mediterranean diet: biodiversity, sustainability, food culture and healthy food supply.

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