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Sáinz Ibáñez, Milagros

The GENTIC research group analyses the gender relations involved in the design, development and use of scientific and technological innovations, with particular emphasis on the information and communication technologies (ICT) and the STEM domains (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). We address the effects of Internet and the ICTs on different aspects of human activity from a gender perspective and adopting an interdisciplinary approach.

This group is at the forefront of the creation and advancement of knowledge with regard to the continuous importance of gender as a structural principle of contemporary societies and social relations. By including the gender dimension, it provides new perspectives on emerging social challenges. The group addresses the different stages of the research cycle, from basic research to more applied research work, such as the design and assessment of equality policies, the drafting of key recommendations, and the development of R&I and social commitment initiatives.

R+D+I Activity