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Two UOC researchers will be undertaking study periods abroad to further their research into the ethics of care and specific language impairment

In the United States and the United Kingdom

The Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness has published the results of the call for short predoctoral study periods, with the decision to approve two UOC proposals: those by Ester Conesa and Nadia Ahufinger.

Ester Conesa, of the Genders in Transition: Masculinities, Affections, Bodies and Technoscience (MEDUSA) research group, will spend a three-month study period at the University of Minnesota, conducting a theoretical exploration of the ethics of care, with the full professor Joan Tronto, to study the application of this ethic in an academic environment, the central theme of her thesis, supervised by Ana María González, researcher at the IN3. University of Minnesota full professor Joan Tronto has extensive experience in political science and social sciences from a gender perspective.

Researcher Nadia Ahufinger, of the Cognition and Language research Group(GRECIL), will be on a two-month study period at University College London with the aim of working with professor and researcher Courtenay Norbury on specific language impairment, the subject of her thesis, supervised by Llorenç Andreu Barrachina, principal investigator with the GRECIL group.