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New distribution of UOC research groups available on the Knowledge Map

With files containing useful information

An update of the UOC's Knowledge Map where you can view the new SGR (the Government of Catalonia's call for research group support) research groups has been published. Currently only groups associated with the IN3 (10) and the Faculties (35) are present, but these groups very often carry out activities related with the UOC's two other centres, the eLearn Center and the eHealth Center.

Faculty-associated groups

  • Cognitive NeuroLab (CNIT)
  • Crisis, Otherness and Representation (ALTER)
  • Digital Business Research Group (DigiBiz)
  • Design, Art, Technology and Society (DARTS)
  • Internet Law (DDI)
  • Educational Supports to Learn in Online Environments (EdOnline)
  • eGovernance: Electronic Administration and Democracy (GADE)
  • eHealth Lab (eHealth Lab)
  • Taxation, Labour Relations and Business (TAXLABOR)
  • Genders in Transition: Masculinities, Affections, Bodies and Technoscience (MEDUSA)
  • Learning, Media and Entertainment Research Group (GAME)
  • Cognition and Language Research Group (GRECIL)
  • Global Literary Studies Research Group (GlobaLS)
  • Linguistic Applications Inter-University Research Group (GRIAL)
  • Diet, Nutrition, Society and Health Interdisciplinary Research Group (FoodLab)
  • Innovative Tools for eLearning (GO2SIM)
  • Interdisciplinary Research on ICT (I2TIC)
  • Knowledge and Information Management in Organizations Research Group (KIMO)
  • Laboratory of Social Education (LES)
  • Learning Analytics for Innovation and Knowledge Application in Higher Education (LAIKA)
  • Catalan Literature, Publishing World and Society (LiCMES)
  • Language, Culture and Identity in the Global Age (IDENTI.CAT)
  • Management & eLearning (MeL)
  • New Perspectives on Tourism and Leisure (NOUTUR)
  • Open Evidence (OpenEvidence)
  • Cultural and Social Opening and Closing Processes (PROTCIS)
  • Psychology, Health and the Net (PSiNET)
  • Relations between Education, Ethics and ICT (eTIC)
  • Research Group on Digital Media and Culture (MEDIACCIONS)
  • Research Group in Education and ICT (EDUL@B)
  • Scene Understanding and Artificial Intelligence Lab (SUNAI)
  • Victimology and Crime in the Information Society (VICRIM) 
  • SmartLearn research group (SMARTLEARN)
  • Technology-Enhanced Knowledge and Interaction Group (TEKING)
  • TechSLA Lab (TechSLA Lab)

IN3-associated groups

  • Care and Preparedness in the Network Society (CareNet)
  • Communication Networks & Social Change (CNSC)
  • Complex Systems @ IN3 (CoSIN3)
  • Digital Commons (Dimmons)
  • Gender and ICT: Researching Gender in the Network Society (GenTIC)
  • Geographies of Socio-Environmental and Technological Transformation (GSENT)
  • Internet Computing & Systems Optimization (ICSO)
  • K-riptography and Information Security for Open Networks (KISON)
  • Systems, Software and Models (SOM RESEARCH LAB)
  • Wireless Networks Research Lab (WINE)

Activity involving the eLearn Center and the eHealth Center

Of the 45 groups, 11 are working with the eLearn Center and 12 with the eHealth Center.