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Catalan Government recognition for 42 UOC research groups

28 groups more than in 2009

The Catalan University and Research Grant Management Agency (AGAUR) has provisionally concluded its SGR 2017-2019 call to provide support for research groups' activities. The UOC has received recognition for 42 of its research groups; 23 as 'consolidated' groups, 5 as 'pre-consolidated' groups and 14 as 'emerging' groups.

This call has resulted in recognition for 28 groups more than the first time the UOC applied, eight years ago. In total, since 2009 the UOC's research groups have achieved funding of over EUR430,000.

In the 2009-2013 call the Catalan Government awarded recognition to 14 UOC research groups, a figure that rose to 26 for the 2014-2016 period and has now reached 42 this call. For the 2009-2013 period UOC research groups were awarded over EUR153,000 of funding, then over EUR98,000 for 2014-2016 and now over EUR177,000 for the current 2017-2019 period.

The goal of this call is to provide support for research groups in Catalonia working in a range of fields, seeking to promote and raise the profile of research, knowledge transfer and the international projection of scientific activities.