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Call on the EU: more opportunities to strengthen research in social sciences & humanities

The UOC joins a European alliance calling for better SSH research opportunities in FP9

A group of universities from countries leading the way in Social Science & Humanities R&I is calling on the EU to create better opportunities for SSH research in the 9th EU Research & Innovation Framework Programme (FP9).

The alliance

The alliance grew out of remarks made by the late Philippe Keraudren – former Deputy Head of Unit at DG RTD, a department of the European Commission responsible for integrating social sciences and humanities across Horizon2020. Mr Keraudren, one of the authors of a Position Paper on SSH-flagged projects, expressed his hope that one day the SSH-community in the top 7 countries (which together account for more than half of the total SSH partners & the corresponding budget) would join forces and push the three EU institutions in the right direction for the sake of Europe.

While analysing the different reports of the EU institutions, the authors found that there is a strong consensus amongst the institutions about the need to strengthen SSH research and improve its integration in FP9.

The universities make five recommendations:

  1. The creation of an SSH Platform and strengthening of multidisciplinary collaboration.
  2. Encouraging researchers to think about how to generate academic and societal impact when drafting proposals.
  3. Recognizing that all disciplines crucially contribute to the goal of an inclusive and prosperous Europe.
  4. Investing in high-quality SSH research & innovation opportunities.
  5. Adding to the existing KPI for SSH with a target for SSH spending of 10% of the overall FP9 civil research budget.

Marta Aymerich on joining the call

“This initiative is a call to not discriminate against SSH. For a university like the UOC, which is more SSH than STEM, the joining of the initiative is a logical step. The partners in this alliance are key figures in the field of SSH in their countries", Marta Aymerich, Vice President for Strategic Planning and Research.

Call on the European Union to create high-quality dedicated and embedded SSH research opportunities in FP9