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UOC Research Showcase

2017 edition

On 31 May, CosmoCaixa Barcelona hosted a new edition of the UOC Research Showcase. The event aimed to foster collaboration among the University’s R&I professionals by improving the visibility of the research and projects that they are currently engaged in. The event aimed to raise awareness of the progress of the University’s research, development and innovation activities among its community. In a university-wide call for proposals the Research and Innovation Scientific Committee selected 21 research and innovation projects to be presented. The selection criteria focused on scientific quality and interdisciplinarity. The Research Showcase 2017 focused on the diversity of research areas the UOC is active in. The event was chaired by the UOC President, Josep A. Planell, and the UOC Vice President for Strategic Planning and Research, Marta Aymerich.


The UOC’s knowledge transfer event

Since 2012, the UOC has organized SpinUOC each year. It is a knowledge transfer event presenting different projects from the UOC community with economic and social value. It uses an innovative format – presentations of just over 5 minutes and 15 slides to explain each project. The event also offers the possibility to network – interested individuals, companies and institutions can find out more about the projects by organizing interviews and talking to the project leaders at the so-called SpinMeetings.

R&I meeting days

Talks and workshops for staff working on R&I related activities

Called "R&I Meeting Days" -in the past called "Dijous amb l'OSRT" (Thursdays with the OSRT)-, this R&I activity is the main event taking place a time every month at the UOC. These events include talks, lectures and colloquiums with experts.

UOC Research Week

Imagine the university of the future

From 18 to 22 April 2016, the UOC organized "UOC Research Week 2016: Imagine the university of the future". It was to be a week full of outreach activities designed to share the latest advances and results in the field of e-learning. It will cover fundamental questions for the society of today and the future, including: What will the university of the 21st century be like? What strategies can we use in response to the challenges of post-digital education? What are the digital students of today like?

UOC Research Showcase

2015 edition

The UOC organized the UOC Research Showcase 2015 on 11 February at the former Estrella Damm brewery in Barcelona. The aim of this event was to publicize a selection of the University’s research, development and innovation activities. In total, 21 of the University’s research and innovation projects were selected by the Research and Doctorate Scientific Committee to be presented. The selection criteria focused on the projects’ scientific quality and the interdisciplinary nature of the scientific output. The diversity of the subjects covered was also taken into account.

First UOC International Research Symposium

In order to present its projects and results and make it accountable to society

In 2013, the UOC organized its First International Research Symposium, a conference to present the University’s R&I activity to society in general. It included over 150 posters for scientific projects, flash presentations by project leaders and a roundtable discussion with international experts.

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