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Guerrero Roldán, Ana Elena

The Technology-Enhanced Knowledge and Interaction Group (TEKING) focuses its research on knowledge technologies and their application in the knowledge society, placing special emphasis on technology-enhanced learning and e-assessment processes, following an interdisciplinary methodology approach.

More specifically, it tackles the:

  • Theoretical study of knowledge representation systems, within the field of artificial intelligence; more specifically, research into knowledge representation systems and reasoning for modelling formal intelligent systems.
  • Study of user interaction and experience with intelligent systems and with technology-enhanced learning and e-assessment tools and resources; in particular, the analysis and display of technology-enhanced learning and e-assessment data. 
  • Analysis, design, development and assessment of intelligent systems in the context of knowledge engineering and application of knowledge technologies to the network society in general, and to technology-enhanced learning and e-assessment in particular.
  • Analysis, design, development and assessment of tools and systems aimed at detecting the authorship of learning activities and at identity verification in e-learning environments.

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