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Hernàndez Encuentra, Eulàlia

The PSiNET (Psychology, Health and Network) research group has as its main mission the study of psychological aspects linked to the use of ICT with regard to people's health and quality of life.

It was founded in 2002 based on a project focusing on the analysis of Internet content on health matters and has, since then, worked on analysing people's lifestyles, health and quality of life, and on different approaches to the use of the Internet for improving knowledge, promotion and care process for health and illness. The group's current lines of work are linked to health promotion via the Internet amongst different groups and health conditions (chronic pain, adolescents and the elderly), social media and minority diseases in collective intelligence processes, and the relationship between cognitive processes and technological systems.

The Group participates in different activities and projects in collaboration with other institutions and research centres, both national and international, and the results of its research contribute not only to improving people's quality of life, but also to guiding institutions on the use of ICT to promote health, in the widest sense.

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