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Torrent Sellens, Joan

The Interdisciplinary Research Group on ICTs (i2TIC) is made up by faculty and researchers from different fields of knowledge in the social sciences whose main objective is to study the labor, business, economic, social and environmental dimensions associated with digital transformation.

This analysis is articulated through different research projects that can be grouped into different lines:


Economy, business and digitisation

In this line, the economic and business effects of the digital transformation are investigated. We study how digital technologies, especially its second wave (robotics and artificial intelligence, data driven-economy, collaborative platforms), transform the activity and the main business and economic results (innovation, productivity, employment and competitiveness).

eLearning, work and employability

This line investigates the relationship between online learning and work outcomes (employment, salaries, employability). We explore how eLearning, individual characteristics, and employee employability interact.

Sustainable management

We study how strategy, management practices and  organizational behaviour connect with organisational sustainability. We explore the meaning and dimensions of HRM sustainable and investigate the individual, group, organizational and technological predictors that generate sustainable economic, social and environmental behaviour.

Digital health and telemedicine

Digital forms of health care and health services are investigated. We study how digital health and telemedicine adopt and transform the practices of health professionals, healthcare activity, the professional-patient relationship, and the results (personal and organisational) of healthcare entities and systems.

Occupational health and well-being

We study the relationship between work, well-being and occupational health. We investigate the satisfaction and quality of work and the psychosocial risks derived from the use of technology. We explore the interaction between different individual characteristics and psychosocial constructs with the dimensions of occupational well-being and occupational health.


R+D+I Activity

Consultancy and other services