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Borge Bravo, Rosa

The main goal of CNSC is to analyse selected, relevant social challenges of the network society. By taking a critical and applied perspective, we define two main areas or interest. First, technopolitics (T) refers to the variable connections between technology and politics, a timely object of research in the light of the institutional crisis our societies face. It splits into (T1) innovation and technopolitical autonomy, and (T2) social movements and the networked democracy. Second, societies (S) focuses on (S1) ageing and digital technologies and (S2) development and digital divides, two different but interrelated dimensions of great importance given the current international trends.

Grounded in the social sciences, CNSC is rooted in multidisciplinarity and incorporates knowledge and methods from a variety of disciplines and fields, such as sociology, communication, economy, social movements’ studies, STS (science, technology and society), and HCI (human computer interaction). Qualitative and quantitative methodological approaches relevant to our research are ethnography, statistics, network analysis, and data and complexity sciences.

R+D+I Activity