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Duart Montoliu, Josep M.

The main mission of Open Evidence is to deepen the understanding of the impact of the digital revolution in institutions and the empowerment of citizens. We believe that there are strong coincidences in how governance, economic, health and learning institutions and people’s behaviour have been impacted by the digital revolution.

We analyse this impact in the following:

  • Economics, specifically the collaborative economy, platform cooperativism and the new ways firms and consumers interact, with an especial emphasis on behavioural economics.
  • Health, through the use of ICTs by physicians and carers, the emergence of a new informed and pro-active e-patient and active ageing.
  • Learning, from teaching to learning and heutagogy, including ICTs in schools, instructional technology and educational innovation.
  • Governance, and the transformation innorms, legitimation and power balances through e-participation, e-government and open government, and the powerful area of technopolitics.

R+D+I Activity