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Fuster Morell, Mayo

Digital Commons (Dimmons) research programme coversthe collaborative economy, socio-economic innovations and commons production. The central research line of the group is linked to the commons and the collaborative economy, from a perspective of policy co-creation and methodological innovation. More concretely, commons as an organizational form of production (commons-based peer production or CBPP), approached from three perspectives:

  • Commons economics: Emergence and implications of the common-based peer production, economic innovation, digital social economy, and the configuration of a new production model based on open knowledge.
  • Commons politics: Political innovation in public policy, conflict and social mobilization associated with the regulation on commons economics, ICTs and the conditions of access and reuse of information and knowledge.
  • Commons future: Governance dilemmas and commons potential scenarios linked to highly innovative frontiers opened up by technological development.

R+D+I Activity